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 Adventure Cards will be available - please see Michelle or Sam Riccobono.

March 23rd - Blue and Gold Banquet - at the Post - 11:00 AM - Boys come in full uniform.

March 25th - Welcome Webelo II Boys - Meeting at 7:00 PM 

April 1st - Troop Meeting at 7:00 PM - organizing Patrols - preparing for Father & Son weekend boys - mandatory meeting with parents for Summer Camp - payments, fundraisers, etc.

April 5-7 - Father & Son Weekend - Dan Beard Site - Delmont

April 8th - NO MEETiNG - Committee Meeting Only

April 15th - Meeting at 7:00PM - Guest Speaker - Phila Police Officer - street drugs

April 20th - CAR WASH at Rosselli's Dungan & Rhawn 

April 22nd - Meeting at 7:00PM

April 28th - Sunday - Tentative - Austin's Court of Honor

April 29th - Meeting at 7:00PM

May 4th & 11th - Merit Badge College at Perkiomen Valley Middle School 8 AM - 4 PM

May 6th -Meeting at 7:00 PM

May 13th - Meeting at 7:00 PM

May 17th-19th - Camping at Telco Gun Club, NJ - Rifle and Shotgun Merit Badges can be earned under the supervision of a ertified merit badge counselor 


The location is our new home at  The Loudenslager American Legion Post #366, 7976 Oxford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111. (See letter below for infomation.)

Pack/Crew/Troop 160 family and friends:

 As the 2018-19 scout year rapidly approaches, 160 units are finding themselves in a situation they have never experienced.   Our sponsor of 94 years, Immanuel Lutheran Church, has recently announced that they will be closing their doors and ceasing operations this fall.  Many factors have led to this difficult decision, among which are a declining membership and an aging congregation.  160 has never known any other sponsor and we have been truly blessed through this partnership with Immanual of almost a century. This relationship has allowed the 160 units to positively impact the lives of literally thousands of young men in Burholme and the surrounding communities and, through them, continue the mission of building character, creating memories and establishing lifetime friendships elsewhere.

With Immanuel closing, the pack, crew and troop were confronted with finding another sponsor; one that was local, had adequate space for all three units to meet and one whose philosophy best supported the ideals of Scouting.  Many possible institutions were considered and much thanks goes to the Pack leadership for spearheading this effort.

While none of us wanted this to happen, 160 believes that we have found a like-minded institution that will enable us to continue our programs in the local area. The Loudenslager American Legion Post #366, 7976 Oxford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111, will be our new home!   Many of you may remember that the Post sponsored Troop 206 for many decades, especially those who participated in the numerous camping contests at Melmar during the 60s and 70s.  206 was always a tough competitor!

Immanuel‘s Church Council, presided over by 160 alum Rick Daniels, has approved a motion to release the 160 number and legacy to the Post.  Cub Pack 160 will begin meeting there on September 10th, while the troop and crew will join them in early October. 

Bittersweet times, yes, but the leadership of all 160 scout units are of one mind when it comes to fulfilling our mission - 160 SCOUTING IS FOREVER!!

For the Post, parking is available across the street at Univest Bank Lot - there is also parking on the street.   Please do not park in Hop Angel's Parking Lot.    



 Check out the link below - there is an article posted in the Adventure for Life - Troop 160 Celebrating 90 years.


 Check out the pictures from Resica Falls - Summer Camp 2013

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Posted on Oct 30 2018 - 11:49am

November is shaping up to be a very busy month for the troop.  This Sunday, 11/4 at 10 a.m., Immanuel has graciously permitted our request to participate in the service and have, in essence, a Scout Sunday where the troop can recognize the church and formally bid adieu to 94+ years of unwavering sponsorship and support.  The official Service of Holy Closure will take place at 3 p.m. on 11/11 but, as that will be a somewhat emotional, maybe hectic time, the Troop wanted to say good bye in our own way.  As it's said, "Troop 160 never follows the book--They Wrote the Book!" 

9/11 Ceremony

Posted on Sep 13 2018 - 8:45am

160 at Five-Points

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